Web Changes

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

October 2008:  Soundsation adds new URL www.4dj.info to simplify access to our web site.  www.soundsationdj.com continues to function.
Soundsation Mobile Music maintains prices effective August 1, 2002, while adding features.

October 2008:  Soundsation Mobile Music Announces New Year's Eve 2008 Systems and Prices.

Soundsation Mobile Music Announces New Music Video Service - the first mobile VJ service in this region.

Soundsation Mobile Music Announces New Special Effects - Ground Fog and Snow!

Press Releases

This is where we'll publish the press releases we've issued over the last year.

Recent Media Coverage of Soundsation


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